Since most of the logs and beams utilized in the 1800s had to be moved by hand, the craftsmen selected trees in the closest proximity to the structure being built. Additionally, to minimize waste and the hand work required to hand hewn beams, trees were also selected to approximate the size of the desired beams.

Accordingly, most beams that were hewn or even sawn, were square in dimension. The most readily available beam sizes range from 6″x6″, 8″x8″, 9″x9″ and 10″x10″.  We commonly supply beams as large as 12″ in diameter. Please keep this in mind when designing layouts. Rectangular shaped beams can be sourced, depending on the specifications required.

Heart Pine beams are an exception to the above. In fact, it is often easier to locate rectangular dimension beams than square. Beams up to 12″ by 16″ in diameter are commonly available.

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