Our custom wooden counter tops add tremendous warmth and character to your home. A client once quipped that granite counter tops are now being installed in Holiday Inns, and she was not being complimentary. Frankly, granite and other hard surface tops and our antique wood island tops provide a beautiful compliment.

Crafted from thick slabs

First, we carefully select individual slabs of white/red oak, heart pine, hickory or ash based on the level of character you describe. We may sort through 100 pieces to gather more than enough needed material. We can then allow our customer the option of selecting each individual piece AND how the individual pieces will ultimately be assembled. For example, you may single out a particular piece for the front edge, center, etc. Our customers seem to truly enjoy their personal involvement with the creation of the top. This bumps up the WOW factor of the organic counter top to one with a personal story.

Selection of the finish is ultimately dependent on the expected use of the counter. In the event you desire a very smooth surface, epoxy based products can be added to fill holes and cracks. Many of our clients selected to simply oil the wood and leave the character points. The possibilities are numerous.

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