We supply gorgeous flooring in white or red oak, heart pine, chestnut, elm or cypress. Flooring is also available in douglas fir, red and white pine and walnut.

Please note that Walnut orders typically require more lead time due to it’s rarity .

You choose the character level you want for your flooring. Flooring character is typically defined by the volume of worm and nail holes, knots, checks (cracks) and color  variations.

Highest Character Grade:

I refer to this as “gnarly wood”. This material will have a great deal of worm/nail holes, checking and possibly large knots. Typically this application is favored in lodges and log cabins. We can even leave a limited number of mortise pockets and/or peg holes exposed in some of the flooring. These voids can be plugged with the same material, or they can be filled with an epoxy to show the work performed over 100 years ago by a craftsman with simple hand tools like chisels, brace & bit (hand operated drills) and wooden mallets.

Medium Character Grade:

Your flooring will have exposed worm and nail holes, slight checking and small knots. As with all of our flooring, the character and rich color will leave no doubt this is truly antique flooring.

Moderate Character Grade:

There will be a limited number of worm and nail holes, little checking and few, small knots. As with all of our flooring, the character and rich color will leave no doubt this is truly antique flooring.

“Old Perfect” Grade:

This flooring will have the rare worm/nail holes and very little checking. This product is desired by clients for  the color, hardness and beauty of antique wood, but desirous of a more refined appearance.

Special requests for 100% quarter-sawn or flooring guaranteed to be completely free of any imperfections are priced on a case by case basis and may require more lead time to produce.

All of our flooring is kiln dried, not simply air dried, to ensure stability and be free of infestation. There is a tremendous difference between the two methods. After kiln drying, the material will approximate 9% moisture. Many homes maintain an average moisture of 12%. We recommend that the flooring be delivered only AFTER your heating and air systems have been installed as well as the windows and doors. Additionally, it is advisable to stack the flooring in the home and allow the material to acclimate to your home over at least several days. All of these points are made to ensure you are thrilled with your purchase.

Our flooring is typically milled with tongue and groove profiles and a “relief” cut on the back of the wood. The relief cut is made to reduce the occurrence of any cupping issues. Additionally, we can provide your flooring in a plank form. This material would be face nailed or face screwed after the boards are pushed closely together. The nail/screw holes can then be covered with a filler. This is an attractive option for certain flooring, particularly popular with our “Original Patina” flooring.

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